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I'm self-taught artist originally from Japan. After earning bachelor degree of Hispanic Studies at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, I moved to Mexico where I worked as graphic designer. I fell in love with Mexico and lived there for fifteen plus years. I'm also a mom of three children. Hope for better education of my children brought me to New Jersey, USA, in 2013. It was drastic life change for me. During the process of adapting myself to new cultural environment, creating art always has been the best medicine for reducing stress level and for emotional regulation. 


I use power of art for supporting people with autism and developmental disabilities.

I work as Direct Client Coach at Positive development, practicing play therapy through art with my clients. I use Torn paper art, Koyori strand making and Origami folding, which are folkloric Japanese art that stimulates our brain by using hand motor function.

I also teach at Arts Council of Princeton and Artist of Yardley during summer and do workshops at Rutgers Landscape and Nursery.

Arts Council of Princeton

Rutgers Landscape and Nursery

Artists of Yardley 

I offer private classes and therapy session in person in New Jersey.

If you are interested, feel free to DM me.


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