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Classes and Workshops

I teach Japanese Sumi ink drawing, Origami paper folding and cutting, beads jewelry making and more.

Japanese through art

In this class, students use Sumi ink and watercolor. Sumi ink is traditionally used for Japanese calligraphy and it's made from soot of pinewood oil. Students use traditional pigment, drawing Anime self-portrait, Hokusai Great Wave, Asian Zodiac animals, etc. Adding watercolor to it, makes "East and West met style".

Also students learn about J pop artists, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama and more. 


Origami and Illustration 

Origami is magical! A square sheet of paper transforms into animals, geometric forms, miniature furniture and buildings, and many more. In Origami and illustration class, students make up their own story using Origami figure that they made. 

Folding Origami papers helps children grow spatial intelligence and hand motor skills. I encourage them to make their own Origami paper in various sizes, from tiny to gigantic, which excites them to see interesting outcomes.

Paper craft making, Chigiri-e, Origami, Kirigami and more

Tearing, cutting, twisting, folding,,,Paper is very flexible material to transform into beautiful crafts. Growing up in Japan, I learned techniques of Japanese folkloric paper craft since my childhood. People there naturally know how beneficial it is to use our hands and fingers motor functioning and activate our brain to keep healthy mind.

I regularly do Kids workshops at Rutgers Landscape and Nursery.

I also use these techniques practicing play therapy as Developmental Client Coach at Positive Development.

I'm open to private Art class with one of a kind art project.  Feel free to email me.

I teach during summer camps at Arts Council of Princeton and Artists of Yardley. Please check class schedule on their website.

Arts Council of Princeton

Artists of Yardley 

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